The 100 Day Project

One thing … 10 minutes … Every day x 100

What can be done with 100 days of focused intention?

This is the challenge of the 100 Day Project. When we do one small thing, every day, over many days, new habits are created and new learning blossoms. When we set our intention to do something everyday that seems to be somewhat humble and small … but ‘do-able’ … it will lead us to unlimited and grand possibilities.

As a cook, creative recipe writer, and food blogger, it was fitting that I would choose to engage in a recipe-writing project. And given that my favourite food group is a salad, it was also fitting to commit to writing one salad recipe every day for 100 days. This recipe may be written on the margins of my Day Timer, on a sticky pad, or on my phone as I wander through the market. My challenge will be to explore and highlight the treasure trove of potential salad ingredients as well as the various ways to bind those ingredients together into a memorable experience.

Just think of it … at the end of 100 days, I will have 100 ways to enjoy a salad!

On April 6, 2015, I embarked on this challenge. Given that the actual preparation, photography, and posting of these recipes will take longer than 10 minutes, recipes will gradually be posted on the website as the salads make their debut from the kitchen.

July 21, 2015 was Day #100 …the close of a memorable and challenging experience. On this day, not only have I marked the creation and recording of 100 delicious and different ways to enjoy salads of many varieties, I have enhanced my knowledge, expertise and confidence.

One small thing … every day … over many days

Endless Possibilities